Chips Pneumatic Conveying Technology


Hiscien Engineering has developed different chips conveying technologies for different engineering cases. The control system which is to be integrated with the polymerization/SSP process, is reliable and convenient for collective operation and management.
1.  Pneumatic pulse conveying with tank station 
Higher solid/gas ratio; longer conveying distance possible; lower chips velocity; suitable for multi-station conveying. The conveying media can be compressed air or circulating compressed nitrogen.
2.  Dynamic conveying with Roots blower
With higher conveying capacity and low conveying air pressure, stable system pressure; especially suitable for dust removing along with the conveying. The conveying media can be air or circulating nitrogen.
3.  Low pressure plug flow conveying 
Using low pressure compressor or compressed air as the conveying power source; with High solid/gas ratio, high conveying capacity, lower energy consumption; suitable for the conveying with high capacity and multi receiving points.
4.  Hot state chips conveying 
Using hot nitrogen for the conveying of chips at hot state; The temperature for hot conveying can be as high as up to 220℃ .


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