PET Solid State Polymerization Technology and Engineering


Hiscien has started the engineering work on the PET continuous SSP process in the year 1999. Based on the experiences of many different projects years, Hiscien has developed its own advanced SSP technology featuring low production cost and wide capacity range that is applicable to the production of high viscosity chips for the spinning of different type of industrial yarn and the production of different type of bottle grade chips. 

·Main Process of SSP

The process can be one stage or two stages according to the capacity and the specification requirements.

➢One Stage Process 



3D Design Model of One Stage Process


➢Two Stages Process

3D Design Model of Two Stages Process

·Typical Raw Material & Products 

Raw Material Chips (Base Chips) of IDY Grade

      Intrinsic Viscosity  0.65~0.68 ± 0.01 dl/g

High IV Chips for PET Industrial Yarn Spinning 

      Intrinsic Viscosity  0.9~1.2 ± 0.015 dl/g

Bottle Grade Chips 

      Intrinsic Viscosity  0.76~0.90 ± 0.015 dl/g


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