PA6 Solid State Polymerization Technology and Engineering (PA6 SSP)


The PA6 SSP technology of Hiscien Engineering is applicable to the following two production modes.

1)Low RV chips sourced from outside the plant as the feeding material, go through the process of N2 replacement and then to the SSP reactor to get the required higher RV. 
2) Part of the dried chips are hot-conveyed to the SSP system that is attached to the drying system of polymerization plant to make higher RV chips, which makes it possible to produce different RV from the same polymerization plant.
The second mode is more applicable in actual production.
The technology has successfully been put in use. 
The technology is already patented

·High Lights of the Technology(for the Second Mode)

➢The RV of chips after drying is normally 2.45~2.8. According to the RV and additive 
content of the dried chips, the elevation of RV is normally designed to be 2.45 to 2.8 or 2.8(3.2) to 4.0. The RV elevation can also be adjusted by means of reaction temperature, residence time etc.
➢Hot conveying process is adopted, so the chips preheating and N2 replacement process is saved.
➢According to the actual situation of capacity, RV elevation requirement and other site conditions, the SSP reactor can be designed to be a “combined type” with the reaction section and cooling section in one piece, or “separate type” with separate reaction section and cooling section.


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