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Company profile

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Dalian Hiscien Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as “Hiscien Engineering” )was founded in the year 2003. It is a “Hitech Enterprise” registered in the Hitech Zone of Dalian China that specializes in the field of polymer technology and the engineering. Its predecessor was the R&D Center of Dalian Synthetic Fiber Research Institute.

Hiscien Engineering is presently having 42 staff, out of which 40 staff have the university or college education background, 18 staff with the senior title of profession, 16 staff with middle grade title of profession, covering the disciplines of chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical and instrument, automatic control, technological economy etc.


The company consists of the departments of Marketing & Project Management Dept, Engineering Dept, Procurement Dept, Site Supervision Dept, Administration Dept, Strategic Planning Dept. and Financial Department.

The main scope of business of Hiscien Engineering covers the PA6 polymerization, PET Solid-State Polymerization, polyamide industrial / textile yarn spinning, PET industrial yarn spinning, special fibers spinning and the material processing engineering.

The technical team of Hiscien Engineering was originally formed in the year 1996. It was the first engineering team in China that has engaged in the engineering activity of the PA6 polymerization technology and polyester SSP technology. For more than 20 years, the technical team, has been continuously contributing its efforts to the technology promotion and upgrading through innovation and optimization. By consistently combining its scientific research work with engineering experiences and consistently improving the engineering management, Hiscien Engineering has successfully been providing to customers the optimal engineering solutions, advanced technical equipments and high quality services.

Up to the end of the year 2020, Hiscien Engineering has successfully implemented more than120 projects for more than 50 customers at home and abroad, including 40 polyamide polymerization projects, 30 polyester solid-state polymerization projects, 4 PA6 solid-state polymerization projects, 21 polyamide textile/industrial yarn spinning projects and 28 PET industrial yarn spinning projects. In these projects, different project modes were adopted with Hiscien Engineering as the general contractor/ engineering designer/ key equipments supplier/engineering services supplier, according to different project cases and different scope of work required by customers.

Hiscien Engineering was granted 8 Invention Patents, 7 Utility Model Patents and 15 Computer Software Copyrights.

All members of Hiscien Engineering will keep on making efforts for providing to customers “the advanced technology/equipments and optimum engineering solutions” and keep on progressing with the industry.


Address: No. 1, Renxian street, Qixianling, Dalian, China

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